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Move-on and happily ever after?

Move-on and happily ever after? cover image
We believe the majority of homelessness starts with relational poverty. For this one tenant both ended recently as he got married in front of friends, family and church and moved on to live with his new wife. #makinghomelessnesshistory

Not all homelessness is about complex needs and chaotic lifestyles. Sometimes people fall below the housing line or at risk of doing so when working partly because they need the relational support in sustaining accommodation. Sometimes it is literally just a stop gap for a few months so that they can find their feet. We had one tenant a couple of years ago who separated from his wife and literally had nowhere to go. We happened to bump into him at one of the homelessness agencies in the city and were able to provide him with much needed accommodation and support. A few months later he moved back in with his wife having reconciled. That time apart had allowed them to work through their issues from a place of safety, security and space.

Recently we had the privilege of moving one of our refugee tenants on in the most amazing way: he got married at Grace Church Wolverhampton and is moving in with his wife. He had been staying with us for a number of months, getting support from Grace Church (where he also attends as a member of the congregation) whilst also doing marriage preparation classes. It was an immense joy and privilege to be a part of their journey and to celebrate with them today. Check out the photos below.