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Move-on and happily ever after? Image

Move-on and happily ever after?

We believe the majority of homelessness starts with relational poverty. For this one tenant both ended recently as he got married in front of friends, family and church and moved on to live with his new wife. #makinghomelessnesshistory
From Rough Sleeping to Stand Up comedy: a journey of friendship and laughter Image
Cal - A journey from slavery to debt to financial freedom Image

Cal - A journey from slavery to debt to financial freedom

Cal came to us very depressed and hugely burdened with debt. He wholeheartedly embraced CAP's programme and engaged really well with the church who helped him to budget. He is now completely debt free, in work, and has a place of his own.
Mubarak’s Story Image

Mubarak’s Story

I escaped my beloved home country, Sudan, when my village was destroyed by the Janjaweed in 2014. The journey to the UK was long, lonely and absolutely terrifying.
The Church Leader’s Story Image

The Church Leader’s Story

We opened our first house in February this year, offering two spaces for vulnerable women. We have aspirations to open more homes, according to what the need is. People are already knocking on our door, so the demand for more is clear
From Inmate to Housemate Image

From Inmate to Housemate

When I was released from prison, some member of the church met me at the gates and took me to the house; no-one had ever done that for me before. I felt like someone actually cared about what happened to me.


Relational Poverty - the Central Role of the Church

Rebuilding positive relationships and a network of support is an essential element to a long term approach to tackling homelessness.. The church has a unique and central role to play in achieving this #makinghomelessnesshistory