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  1. The church gets in touch with Hope into Action: Black Country who support every stage of the process.
  2. Using the investment capacity of the church, church members, or from elsewhere, one house is bought in a reasonable area of their community.
  3. The house is used to support 3 (or 4 in the case of refugees) people in a vulnerable situation. (Ideally the church chose which need to target: male, female, ex-offender, younger, those coming out of re-hab, refugees...)
  4. The rent/ housing benefit pays a return on the investment.
  5. We provide: the professional support (referrals, needs assessments, key working, sign-posting, tenancy, benefits, rent collection etc).
  6. The church provides: community, non-judgemental relationships, mentoring / befriending, practical support and prayer.


In this way the church, using its own resources, is able to holistically support people in their community who are in a vulnerable situation.

If a number of churches in one city come together they can have a significant impact on the homeless situation in their area. For example here in Wolverhampton churches are now providing a home, love, care and community to over 20 adults in the city who were either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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