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Who do we help?

Hope into Action: Black Country is a Christian charity set up to enable churches to fight homelessness initially in Wolverhampton but now expanding across our region. Our dream is to change the lives of the most disadvantaged in our society by finding them homes rather than a bed for the night. We provide homes to anyone who is either homeless or at risk of homelessness including but not limited to refugees, destitute asylum seekers, migrant works, those rescued from trafficking or modern day slavery, ex-offenders, people struggling with substance or alcohol misuse and people who have simply fallen on hard times. If you need help or you know or are supporting someone who does, please get in touch.

What is it like to be a Refugee?

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This year we have given homes to people who have fled violence, conflict and war from other parts of the world including: Sudan and Darfur, Eritrea, Syria, Iran and Kuwait. Many of our refugee tenants to-date have been Muslims fleeing racial persecution but we have also housed Christian converts who have fled religious persecution. We often house Christians and Muslims together and celebrate both Eid at the end of Ramadan as well as Christmas. Read more ...

What is it like to be a Destitute Asylum Seeker?

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When an asylum claim is refused the failed asylum seeker is "encouraged" to go home by being evicted, having their benefits stopped and by not being allowed to work. They are made destitute and street homeless without any money for food. Charities estimate that as many as a third of asylum claims are legally flawed meaning they should have succeeded in the first place but for a variety of reasons were refused. People who had a legitimate claim to asylum are being made street homeless and are in desperate need of help. Read more ...

What is it like to be a Modern Day Slave?

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Gabi came to the UK in 2012 to work on a strawberry farm. He stayed in the UK in the hopes of finding additional work and not going back home empty handed. This is his story of being subjected to forced labour, in effect modern day slavery. Read more...